The Official Hole-In-One Register

The Official Hole-In-One Register: Australian Edition is a bold new initiative which - for the first time - will recognise those fortunate Australian golfers who have found the cup ‘in one fell swoop’.

A World first, the Inaugural Edition of “The Official Hole In One Register”

The Official Hole-In-One Register: Australian Edition has recently been published as a physical entity, not an online register. Click here to obtain your copy

While the aim of the project is to list all aces scored in Australian competition (professional and amateur) to date, we here at the Official HIO Register acknowledges that there are some aces that may well have been lost to posterity.

Nevertheless, we are confident the Australian golfing fraternity will continue to embrace the concept, registering their aces for inclusion in forthcoming published editions of the Official Hole In One Register. We then hope to see the continued growth and recording of all Australian Golfer’s Aces through online submissions on our website & registrations.

In addition to the hole-in-one listings, The Register includes many fascinating facts and figures/statistics/records, incredible stories pertaining to aces from around the globe.

* Remember also, that as soon as you have registered your Ace with us, your Official Hole In One Certificate will be available, you do not have to wait for the Register to be published.

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* SERGIO GARCIA celebrates his first ever Ace in competition in the Second Rd at the 2008 BMW Championship at the Bellerive CC along with fellow tour player BART BRYANT also holing out - incredible! - just click on the 'play' icon on the screen below...

Gold Aces

By answering five simple questions about your achievement, you will gain automatic and free entry into The Official Hole-In-One Register. Authentication is important, but not at the expense of trusting the overwhelming majority of decent people who play golf. It is our belief that the major criterion of ‘competition aces only’ will ensure the integrity of listings.

While golf scorecards are mercifully too small to accommodate descriptive prose, The Register provides an opportunity to inform the Australian golfing fraternity (75 words maximum) of how you scored your hole-in-one for our “19th Hole” section of The Register.

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Silver Aces

We have been inundated with requests to account for all those wonderful Aces scored while playing with friends socially, but unfortunately are not ‘officially’ recognised.


The Silver Ace is the new initiative by The Official Hole-In-One Register enabling us to recognise those of us that have been fortunate enough to have that magical holing out in one shot, but not in normal club or formalised social club competitions. Your Silver Ace must have a playing partner as a witness, and describe the format/playing circumstances of the Ace.

We will have The Official Hole-In-One Register Certificates available soon, and the publication of these in still in the planning process. It is hard enough to find the cup in one pure golf shot, so we felt it important to provide an avenue of recognition for all those who have.

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* Hole-in-ones by deceased golfers: a submission by a relative is most welcome.