Ace Golfers


Some of our very special "Ace" Golfers

     ...have had mulitple Aces, some of the feats occurred many years ago, here are some of the more recent ones:

Thirteenth Beach Golf Links(Vic): Bill Smurthwaite:
the inaugural Club Captain, after retiring his position, had time to work on his game. In the short length of time the Creek Course has been opened for play, "Young William" has had three (3) Hole-in-Ones in less than two years--in competition, amazing and astounding as that is, it is not the best part...he had them all on the 6th hole!

We here at The Official Hole-in-One Register refer to this incredible feat as the TRIPLE ACE.

If you know of anyone else that has scored an ACE three or more times on the same golf hole in competition, can you please inform us thru the Contact Us page.

We would be very interested to hear of any DOUBLE ACE golfers or TRIPLE ACE golfers, we suspect that there will be someone out there that can even beat these astonishing feats.


Aidan Doyle with a Trifecta(QLD):

 Aidan have aced thress separate holes (7th, 14th & 17th) at the Surfer's Paradise Golf Club (QLD). The first to came in his 70th year, while the most recent was at age 79! Aidan, you are a golfing legend.


1936 - Flo Webster of the Bencubbin GC in Western Australia:

A round of golf in the 1930s at Bencubbin Golf Club consisted of just 12 holes for the ladies: retiring early to prepare the afternoon tea for the male members! In spite of being an Associate member (what a horrible, antiquated term) playing in the Men’s competition, Flo Webster’s 1936 ace on the 7th hole wasn’t officially recognised by the club. Two wrongs don’t make a right: it is a delight to formally recognise her ace 70 years hence.


Steve Davies - a different approach (WA):

On December 1st, 2005, Steve Davies stood on the 16th tee of Burswood Park Golf Course(WA), having simply a horror round. It sawnded on him that his 'conventional clubs' were not living up to the manufacturer's promises! Exasperated, and having arrived at the 124m par 3, he took out his putter and holed out!