Q: Why register my Hole-in-One?

A: An ACE in competition is such a rare event; it is believed that the odds are something like one in 30,000-43,000! When you register you ACE in The Official Hole-in-One Register, you are recording your magnificent feat for all posterity, and to be published in print to recognise it for all time is a treasured experience.

Q: What is required to List my Hole-in-One in “THE REGISTER”?
A: For inclusion in The Register, all details submitted online must be accurate, and all details must be submitted, we are not allowed to list or record them in The Official Hole-in-One Register without full name, address and contact details, details of the golf club, the competition, and so on. So, please remember to submit all details accurately, your details will not be double checked before going to print.

Q: What happens to my personal details that are submitted online, are they safe, I am worried about unsolicited contact.

A: Your personal details are securely stored, catalogued and safely locked away. They will never be published in print or online, or via any other communication, and will not be on-sold to a 3rd party.


Q: What about when my golf club or the club I was playing at when I scored my Ace submits my Hole-in-One details, are they safe also?

A: Yes, all the submissions we receive from all the golf clubs around Australia, only first name, last name, club, hole and date at the most – but many clubs we may only get an initial and last name along with a date and club, so there is no way your private details can be compromised. It also highlights how important it is for you to submit your own Ace details, to ensure you are listed correctly and accurately.

Q: How are the ACES collated for The Register publications?

A: Aces are collated by the Australian Golf Clubs sending them to us in whatever format they may have—spreadsheet, word doc, email, letter and even digital photos of the HIO board in the club!--or by individual golfers Online Submissions through our website at “Register your Ace”.

Q: I have just had a Hole-in-One –can I get a certificate now, or do I need to wait for my Ace to be published in The Register?

A: Yes upon registering your ace on our website, you can then proceed to the shopping cart and order your certificate and receive it straight away. As long as we have current details for you, we will notify you personally with the publication release date of The Register featuring your Hole-in-One.

Q: How much does it cost to register my ace?

A: Registration is free.

Q: How is the O.H.I.O.R. the “official” recorder of Australian Hole-in-Ones?

A: The Official Hole-in-One Register was founded and formed with the approval, support and partnership of Australia’s Golf Body – “Golf Australia”. We have been entrusted to collate, collect and publish all the ACE’s in competition in Australia. A copy of each Edition of The Official Hole in One Register will be archived at Golf Australia and also the National Library of Australia for posterity.

Q: I had a Hole-in-One during the years 1895--31 December 2005 but am not listed in the Inaugural Edition of “The Official Hole-In-One Register” book what can I do?

A: Please Register on line and you will then be listed in our 2nd edition in the special update section.

Q: How do I find out if my Ace is listed in the Inaugural Edition of The Register or any other edition – before purchasing it?

A: You may go to the Contact Us page and clearly enter all your details with a contact phone number or email address and one of our team will contact you and advise if you are in this edition. In the near future we will have a search function available so you may conveniently check your ace online.

Q: I had a Hole-in-One between 2006 – 2010, when can I expect to be able to see my name in The Register.

A: You can obtain a Certificate immediately from the Online Store, however your ace will appear in the Second Edition due for release approx 30 April 2011.

Q: I have a deceased family member who had a memorable Hole-in-One, how can I obtain an Official Hole-in-One Certificate in their name, and or have it published in the “The Official Hole-in-One Register”?

A: Please register your family member’s Ace details through the Register your Ace page on our website, you can then go to the Online Store and order your Certificate, and we will notify you personally of the publication date of The Register edition.


Q: Can I register more than once?

A: Yes, you are able to Register every single Hole-in-One—if you have been lucky enough to have more than one!—but you MUST register each Ace individually and separately.

Q: What is the cut-off date for registration?

A: There is no cut-off date for registration of your Hole-in-One, but for publication into our Official Hole-in-One Register Editions, see the dates listed on the Register your Ace page on our website.