Gold Aces Registration

By answering five simple questions about your achievement, you will gain automatic and free entry into The Official Hole-In-One Register.

Authentication is important, but not at the expense of trusting the overwhelming majority of decent people who play golf. It is our belief that the major criterion of ‘competition aces only’ will ensure the integrity of listings.

While golf scorecards are mercifully too small to accommodate descriptive prose, The Register provides an opportunity to inform the Australian golfing fraternity (75 words maximum) of how you scored your hole-in-one for our “19th Hole” section of The Register.

  • Our Official HIO Certificates will be available upon registration.
  • Additional ACE’s should be entered separately
  • Your ACE(s) will be added to the NEXT Edition of the Register, pre-cut off date, in either Triennial, Biennial or Five Yearly Edition to be published in the next 3 years

* Hole-in-ones by deceased golfers: a submission by a relative is most welcome.

Register your ace today!


NOTE: Certificates are printed each quarter - any orders placed after the cut-off date will need to wait until the following quarter for printing. Cut off dates: 31st, 30th April, 31st July, 31st October.