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The Official Hole-in-One Register is about golf!

We love golf here at OHIOR Headquarters, and know that most of the people visiting our website, also 'love their golf' in varying degrees.

We want to provide you with as much great info on this wonderful game, the unique nature of our playing environment, the men & women who show us how to do it 'on the tour', and also feature stories, photos, anecdotes, stats and anything else you would to here about all the rest of us, some hackers, some top amateurs, club golfers and mostly lovers of a wander around the links!

In Golf Features

...we want to show you a cross section of where we play, what some of us look like, some of the amazing trophies for the Lucky Ace's, our favourite holes and some of your favourtie stories. we want to encourage you to send through any info you think may have relevance, that is appropriate to share with the general public and that you and your friends and fellow golfers will find interesting.

Here are few snippets:

One of our Favourites, is by a fellow named Len Barlow, a long time member of the Hepburn Springs Golf Club in Victoria, the club used to have nine(9) Par 3's in the routing - over a period of 40 odd years, Len managed to Ace every single one of them - this story featured recently in The Golf Magazine, article by Karen Fledman



 Karyn Martin - 'just a hacker', but deadly accurate(VIC):

Karyn Martin’s shot-making accuracy is the talk of Mortlake Golf Club situated in Western Victoria. An inherently modest golfer – she calls herself ‘just a hacker’ – Karyn had three aces within just eleven months, beginning with Mortlake’s 15th hole in April 2005. Mortlake’s 9th was next to fall, then Cobden’s 4th during a Pinehurst event with her husband. As reported in the Victorian Golf Association’s May 2006 Journal: "It’s a bit of a burden. Now whenever I see someone or talk to them on the phone, the first thing they ask is, ‘have you had another hole-in-one?"’

 "Alcatraz" not the movie, the Par 3 -(WA):
Forget the movies: a hole (11th) named "Alcatraz" can be found at Burswood Park GC in WA, where its water carry Par 3 is marketed as teh club's Signature Hole. The Perth skyline is prominent in the background