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Congratulations on your Hole In One and welcome to our Registration page of our The Official Hole-in-One Register website, importantly, you need to know that we have 2 categories of membership, which are listed below. Click through to the relevant ACE where you will be asked to provide some contact detail, your ACE and golf information. Remember that ”The Official Hole-in-One Register Certificate” is available from our shopping cart on receipt of your Ace submission.

All Gold Aces received prior to submission closure have been published in The Register, our first Inaugural Edition was released in December 2007 with over 60,000 Aces scored between 1897 and 2005. Further Gold Aces will be published in upcoming Triennial, Biennials and Five Yearly Update Edtions. # NB: Missed Submission date Aces will be published in the Five Yearly Update Edition

Silver Ace Certificates are now available in the online store, they require witness details and signature of your witness on the actual certificate once received.

"IT SHOULD NEVER LOOK THIS EASY, BUT ACES are very unpredictable, Fuzzy Zoeller...eventually finding the Cup.


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The 19th Hole 

is an exciting addition to our Published Register, giving our online submitters an opportunity to describe the whole story of how it happened and have it listed in The Register along with some limited spaces for photos of the lucky golfers.

Please Note: The Official Hole in One Register Pty Ltd, is gathering this information for the sole purpose of producing and managing The Official Hole In One Register. We will not sell this information to any other party and no contact details will appear either on our website or in the Register.

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We will use all reasonable endeavour to include all images and 19th-hole narrations, but publishing parameters may prohibit the use of all data collected, due to space or other unforeseen circumstances.


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* Hole-in-ones by deceased golfers: a submission by a relative is most welcome.


NOTE: Certificates are printed each quarter - any orders placed after the cut-off date will need to wait until the following quarter for printing. Cut off dates: 31st, 30th April, 31st July, 31st October.